Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Ph. D. Programmes
in English, Malayalam, ComparativeLiterature, Cultural Studies, Fine Arts and Theatre Arts

The Ph. D programme at School of Letters is designed according to the recommendations of UGC. Course work for Ph. D. includes a mandatory course on Research Methodology and Courses in broad and specific areas of research chosen by the researcher. The Methodology course and allied courses for scholars registered at the Centres of Research in Language and Literature, approved by the University too were co-ordinated by School of Letters during 2010-12. Regular presentations by researchers, now made mandatory by regulations in the form of pre-submission presentations make the academic life at School of Letters active. Publication of at least one paper in refereed journals as an eligibility criterion for submitting the doctoral dissertation has been made mandatory. Further, the candidate is expected to make a presentation before the Research Forum as an eligibility condition for submission.

A good number of the Researchers working on their Ph. D. projects are in receipt of fellowships given by the UGC while a few others have received Fellowships like Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship and University JRF. Teacher fellows complete their Ph. D using FDP. The interests of the research guides include cotemporary critical theory, film studies, narratology, identity politics, studies in classical art forms and contemporary forms of popular culture